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Lifespan Development Virtual Person Paper 1 Prenatal/Perinatal and Infancy January 28, 2013 Arabella Dawn Barker was conceived on Valentine’s Day 2012. The 260 days she spent developing in her mother’s womb was just the beginning of her 74 year journey in life. She was the oldest child of three siblings. During the Germinal Stage of development, the blastocyst (fertilized egg) which will soon be Arabella, implanted itself on the wall of her mother’s uterus, which is rich in nutrients. During this period the cell division gets off to a quick start and over the next few days they begin to double. Some of the cells form a protective layer while others form the placenta and umbilical cord, in which will serve as the source of nutrients…show more content…
Because Arabella is now in the Fetus stage rapid changes were occurring throughout the following months Arabella mother felt her move for the first time at four months and it would feel like a punch and kick inside her mother’s stomach. The brain also becomes increasingly sophisticated during this stage, so now Arabellas brain can send messages to her body. Arabella can now also hear sound, her mother talks to her and lets her know that she can’t wait for her arrival. By the eighth month Arabellas mothers body was very tired and ready, Arabella is not 7 ½ lbs. (Feldman, 2001 p. 54) Arabella was full term, fully developed, and ready for birth, her mother’s body released the protein CRH which started the process of birth. Her labor seemed like it was an eternity, but was only 8 hours of contractions and hour and a half of labor, before Arabella was through the birth canal and into the Mid-wife’s hands. Following Arabella was the placenta and umbilical cord, which was still attached to Arabella. (Feldman, 2011, p.61-62). Arabella Dawn Barker’s mother welcomed her into the world on October 13, 2012. Her mother heard a little scream and knew that her bundle of joy arrived

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