Pets We Treat Them Like Kids

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| Where do we draw the line when it comes to our pets? | | | Kimberly Park | University of Houston Downtown | | ABSTRACT Pets they can become the center of our worlds. Often we treat our pets the same way we treat our kids. In this paper I discuss the way we treat our pets. Although I propose a study to be conducted to show that we treat our pets the same way we treat our kids. With all the money we spend on our kids it seems we spend just as much on our pets. It is important that we show the connection between pets and family. Pets are one of the biggest parts of families. Pets provide us with that companion that is always trustworthy, loveable and kind. We miss our pets when they are not around just like we miss our kids when they are not there. The connection is obvious between the way we treat our pets and our kids. Pets they are wonderful to have. Many people think pets take too much responsibility as they need food and to be walked and loved. Some pets are expensive and the buck does not stop there. Pets require food, toys and love. The problem being investigated is whether or not we treat our pets like we treat our kids in other words where do we draw the line? It is important to study this particular topic because we may be taking away the loving actions we treat our family with and projecting those loving ways towards our animals instead. It is important to care about this study because no one wants to take away the loving kindness they treat their family with. If we spend all our time treating our animal’s precious we take away from the precious time we could treat our own kids with the loving kindness they deserve. Pets are very caring which an important attribute to being a family member is. A survey conducted by Kelton Research which involved around one thousand participants showed that the rank of dogs as household members

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