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October 7, 2011 = Dear Jettie: I thought you might like to see a few pictures of our chow-chows. For a few years, we had both Bear and Daisy, both females, both absolutely the best dogs ever. As you can see from the pictures, both turned out to be around 50-52 lbs., and standard chow-chow size - around 19 in height at the shoulder level. Truly by accident, Bear turned out to be the pick of the littler for us - she was bred by neighbors of my in-laws. Both parents were from champion blood lines and AKC registered. We registered her, never bred her although we had many requests. She was more of a Chinese Chow-Chow, her muzzle was a little wider and shorter, her eyelids slightly droopier than Daisy's. Bear had a abundant…show more content…
Her muzzle was a little longer, her eyes like your China Doll ChowChow. She was also registered. We also had requests to breed her but did not. She has a terrific rough coat, maybe two hot spots in her entire lifetime. Both chow-chows were excellent around people, including children, although both had issues with strange dogs. This is probably because we kept them away from most other dogs. Our friends' dogs were usually accepted, some even became friends and both chows played with them. If you have any ideas on how to dog socialize this next puppy, we'll have to talk to you about it. We decided that with your experience in breeding chows and the information we have given you, we will trust you with choosing our new addition. There is no need for us to be there in November. You know more about these dogs than we could ever hope to learn! I do want to say again that we do not want the runt of the litter and not the most aggressive one. + With this in mind, we have to trust your judgement. We would like to send you a blanket with our scents (like we did when our human baby was born and it worked out super!) so the new addition won't feel that we are strangers- if you are OK with this idea, after you choose our puppy we'll send it to

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