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How to Make a Pot Belly Pig you’re Pet To many, Pigs are Dirty, loud animals whose only purpose is to make ham, bacon, and other pork products for us to eat. For some though, this is not the case. I am one of those people who absolutely adore these cute pink animals. Most people are unaware of how intelligent pigs really are. They are smarter than any other animal, even dogs. They can also be very clean, gentle, and loving pets if you take the necessary steps to domesticate them. In this essay I am going to explain all the steps of potty training your pot belly pig and how to make them the loving companion you desire. First I am going to go over how to “bond” initially with your new pot belly piglet. Pot bellied pigs are very unique and individualistic. Their Personalities are always one of a kind, just like dogs. Many piglets shy away from being picked up or touched very much, but this soon changes once you and your piglet bond. They usually become very affectionate and pretty much a lap “dog”. Piglets often tend to have trust issues with their new owners and that may take some time to work through. First step when getting your piglet to bond with you is getting them to trust you and feel comfortable around you. Start off by keeping his/her area somewhat small until their comfort level increases. Let the Pig sniff everything around in that area and show him/her lots of attention. A good idea when feeding your pig is make sure your always right there when he eats for the first little bit he’s home. The Ultimate goal is to get your piglet to eat out of your hand. In doing this, the piglet is showing he/she trusts you. Now that your piglet is showing more trust in you, its time to get your piglet to let you scratch and pet him/her. The slower the approach the better, piglets are somewhat skittish. Start off by trying to pet his/her chin or side of belly,

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