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WHAT THE FFA MEANS TO ME Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. At my high school, I am frequently asked “What is the FFA?” My freshman year, all I was able to say was “The Future Farmers of America” and that seemed like an inadequate explanation, considering now I know I was basically raised upon the example of maturity and independence the National FFA Organization and its representatives exemplify, things such as strength, courage, maturity, work ethic, pride, respect, leadership, unity, success, growth for the future, and knowledge, which we all know is power, and these are the things that the FFA means to me. The FFA is a lifelong program that teaches us (the students) skills for our future…show more content…
In the real world, we won’t be sheltered and babied by our bosses, and the FFA has taught me that. The students are responsible for the care of steers, swine, and poultry, with the supervision of our instructor, we are sure to care for the animals properly, and keep them happy. But it isn’t a bad occurrence to be re-directed in the proper direction. I think that it is a great achievement when you have learned the proper skills to become responsible enough to care for not only yourself but to be able to care for an animal. This is also another way to earn respect from others by demonstrating a hard work ethic and common sense. When you walk into a room filled with FFA members, you might have a feeling of comfort and notice that the atmosphere is mostly friendly. I always feel that happy atmosphere in our FFA branch. It’s the unity that keeps us together. When I wear my father’s old FFA jacket, it brings on a sense of pride. Pride in the fact that I am following in the footsteps set out by those before me, but also making my own path of greatness. And pride that I am a part of an organization whose foundation was built on the hope for our future generations to have the agricultural resources it needed to sustain a growing population, and has grown into an un-corrupt organization run by today’s
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