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lease provide detailed information about yourself in one, cohesive, formal essay. You must address how you demonstrate the ideals of SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SERVICE, and CHARACTER to be selected into NHS. * I feel that I demonstrate the ideals of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character in a very unique way. To start off, I have maintained a 3.7 cumulative grade point average throughout my high school career while being highly active in a year round travel team and holding a job. Since freshman year, I have been enrolled in honors and A.P. classes, and am currently in my third year of Project Lead the Way; a college engineering course. During middle school I was a member of Team L.E.A.D., National Junior Honor Society and Student Service Council. Due to these groups, I now have experience with volunteer work, and have acquired a strong sense of leadership that is evident in my personality to this day. At Warren I am a member of F.B.L.A. and have been elected Captain of my lacrosse team two years in a row by my fellow teammates. My role as a captain has easily been the hardest test of leadership I have ever endured. I am completely responsible for the behavior and motivation of over thirty teenage boys for two hours every night on top of school work. Since high school, it has become more difficult for me to get involved in the community. Despite my demanding schedule, I still volunteer whenever I am available and truly believe there is always time to help others regardless of how busy you are. Within the past six months, I have done service by volunteering at a soup kitchen, multiple fundraisers for the TS foundation, a fundraiser to find a cure for MS, selling merchandise for my team, and have also done campaign work for my uncle. Being active in the…show more content…
Her ability to excel in life with this disease motivates me to do the

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