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The National Honor Society is a token of excellence that symbolizes hard work, motivation, and all around character. Being apart of NHS lets others know you mean business. Over the course of my four-year high school career, I'v been able to prove myself worthy of the recognition. As I reminisce over the past three years and a half, I remember quite vividly several key moments when I was hit with difficult obstacles and could have easily given up on everything I'd achieved. I've watched some of my peers give up and as a student with exemplary leadership and role model qualities, I chose to overcome those obstacles to show my peers that a little hard work goes a long way. That is why I would be a valuable member of the National Honor Society. To be considered for membership, I understand that an assortment of personality and character traits are vital factors. With leadership as the head, I've been able to develop into a character of integrity, respect, pride, responsibility, and dependability. I've stretched myself by taking harder courses, and trying new things. One of the main things that helped me develop my inner strength to succeed was Track. I've ran since the sixth grade and will never forget the feeling of complete and utter breathlessness you get at the end of the finish line. I remember countless times asking myself how I made it, becoming aware of the cramping in my legs and the burning pain in my thighs. however, I knew that I wasn't giving myself another choice. After all, I was taught to finish everything I do with the same motivation that I started it with. Needless to say, I was proud of myself for being named captain my junior year. I felt I had earned that title and would give my best to my teammates. I've participated in an array of clubs and organizations that required commitment and dedication, and as a result, gained lasting friendships and

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