Ssd 101-05 Student Success Essay

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SSD 101-05 Student Success 101 3 credits Fall 2010 Ann Jones – Assistant Professor Office: Edison Hall Room 200 Office Hours: Monday: 2pm – 4pm, Wednesday: 2pm – 3pm, Friday: 1pm – 3pm Required Text: ❖ Middlesex County College Student Success : SSD 101 Dianna L. Van Blerkom | John W. Santrock and Jane S. Halonen Additional required resources: ❖ Middlesex County College Pathfinder ❖ Middlesex County College Catalog Course Description: Students learn and adopt methods for success in college and life-long learning. Orientation to college, study skills, critical thinking skills, and learning styles will be emphasized. Various methods of being successful in diverse learning and social environments are…show more content…
Preparedness The number one key to educational success is to attend class. Class participation is most valued by the instructor. The instructor assumes that vacations, doctor’s appointments, social engagements, etc. will not interfere with attendance. An occasional absence will be the sole responsibility of the student. Missed work and assignments will also be the sole responsibility of the student. Students will come prepared to participate and learn. Preparedness means actively reading all assignments while applying the strategies learned in Reading 011 and other classes as

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