My Life in My Own Words

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My Life in My Own Words LaToya Heyward PSY 202: Adult Development & Life Assessment Prof. Allan Mooney September 6, 2012 Outline I. Where are you from? a) Elloree, South Carolina b) Small town c) Relocated to North Carolina then back to SC II. What were your educational experiences? a) Finished high school with a 3.8 GPA & received LIFE scholarship b) Received top 10 award I 10th grade c) Took college courses in high school d) Attended Coastal Carolina University freshman year e) Took high school classes in Middle School III. What were your hobbies? a) Jump Rope b) Step c) Talk/text on the phone IV. What did you want to be when you become when you grew up? a) Math teacher b) Lawyer c) Accountant V. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? a) Move to Atlanta, GA after college b) Become a Certified Public Accountant c) Graduate college with my BS in Accounting d) Keep my LIFE scholarship until I graduate VI. What would make you happy in the future? a) Achieve goals My Life in My Own Words Whoever thought in a million years I would be going to an online college? It surely was not in my plans, but like Charles Spurgeon said, “you might not always get what you want, but you always get what you expect” (as cited on In this paper I will address a few life experiences that helped shaped me into the person I am today and use the theories I have learned from this class to analyze them. In addition to that, I will talk about my goals I have set and my hopes for the future. I was both born and raised in a small town in South Carolina, known as Elloree which is where I currently reside. I wasn’t around my father much when I was young so basically my family consisted of my mom, my older brother and I. My

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