Winning In Classroom Management

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My personal philosophy for classroom management can be summarized by a simple acronym. E.E.L. Efficient Effective Leadership Teaching is a leadership role, and with any role, there are responsibilities. Children come to school with the expectation of learning. In providing the proper atmosphere for learning, classroom management is an important key in the success of your school year. The key ingredients for successful classroom management include a clear and concise presentation of all expectations, rules, policies and boundaries by the teacher and a clear understanding and agreement for compliance by the students. Students should also have a clear understanding of the consequences for disobedience. This precedence should be established before the school year begins and reinforced in a positive way daily by doing the routine things routinely. One activity I would like to implement would be an integrity chart. Upon entering the classroom each student must stamp the integrity chart / bargain board by their name agreeing to follow the rules of the room for the day including but not limited to: • I will respect my teacher • I will respect my classmates • I will do my best work at all times • I will not disrupt the class • I will keep my area clean • I will raise my hand when I need to be acknowledged • I will demonstrate good conduct If the student has met their personal commitment for the day, reward points will be granted and can be redeemed during specific game-time activities. For those who neglected to fulfill their commitment, demerit points will be granted and students can lose all or partial ability to participate during game-time activities. I believe positive reinforcement by a variety of methods reaps its own rewards. In keeping with the theme of doing the routine things routinely, transition times should be smooth and effortless.
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