Personal Essay: My Autobiography Of A & M University

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my name is Cedric Jerod Ray. I am 28 years of age and newly unemployed. Years ago, after graduating from James Bowie H. S in 2001 I was asked what school I would attend. I remember vividly thinking to myself how fun and exciting my college experience would be. I had no trouble completing high school, taking most AP classes throughout my then short academic career. It seemed to me that I would simply coast through college as though it were nothing more that an extension of high school. I was sorely mistaken on that front, but what I was absolutely right about was how fun my new experience in college would be. I ended up attending Prairie View A&M University as a freshman in the fall of 2001. It didn't take long to notice that the freedom…show more content…
I was let go by my bank because I was the youngest, without family and paid too well for someone without a degree. There it was again. No education no job. It took nearly a year to get back into the workforce at the level which I left. I gained employment with Kaplan College, a occupational school that offers certifications in healthcare and various Associate Degrees. I was higher as an Admissions Representative and counselor. I loved this job because it allowed me to speak to an under-served community about the power of education. I believe the saying is, "the painters house is never painted". For two years I watched and assisted students achieve their dream of obtaining a degree. They did this in part because of the explanation I provide that those without a degree would always be the last considered for a position and the first let go. I proved my point this past February when reductions in force (RIFs) cost me my beloved job. How could I allow myself to become such a walking contradiction? I could not and would not continue that hypocrisy. I figured that if I approached school with the same mind set as I did career, I could be successful. I've done just

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