Senior Career Project

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Tara High School Senior Career Portfolio & Project Senior Project Overview The senior project is designed to provide high school seniors with the opportunity to apply all the knowledge and experience acquired in twelve years of school to a project that both challenges abilities and rewards students with an engaging career-oriented experience. Senior project consists of four major components: the research paper, the internship, the portfolio, and the presentation. This packet will serve as a guide for completing the project. It includes majority of the forms you will need to complete the project. Roles in the Project • The Senior Project Adviser (SPA) is the student’s senior English teacher. This teacher monitors the quality of written…show more content…
to reel the reader in! Creating the body paragraphs Each body paragraph should follow this pattern: 1. Topic sentence (directly from your thesis) Take the first part of your thesis that restates the prompt and keep only the part of the foundation that pertains to THIS body paragraph. 2. Supporting argument
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