Family Literacy Essay

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Summaries on Four Academic Articles on Family Literacy University Affiliation: Name: Summaries on Four Academic Articles on Family Literacy 1. Article Title: What is Family Literacy? Getting Involved in Your Child’s Literacy Learning. Family Literacy is an ongoing routine process which involves the parents, teachers and their children both at home and in school. Children as they grow develop writing and reading skills and parents are the first teachers of the children’s skills. Resources plays important role in the advancement of literacy skills for examples children who have books to read at home and communicate more often have higher chance of developing reading and writing skills faster in school than those with no such resources. Family literacy becomes meaningful when all the family members are in support of the development of the literacy initiatives. Communication is an important tool which helps the parents to enhance their children’s imagination and how the develop the skills of writing and reading. The government plays an important role in developing literacy programs and evaluating the best practices to adopt in schools to ensure that the literacy skills are gained by the children studying. The programs involve all the members of the family and servers individuals at all stages of ages. The processes of literary development involve a process which starts with mistakes but later comes out with perfection as one advance in life and training. The parents should act as an example for their children and guide them in their elementary schools to develop their literacy skills. The teachers help the children develop their skills while in their schools. To ensure that the literacy skills get to develop quite easily, the children should be given the necessary opportunities. Each life levels and ages learn the literacy skills

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