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Literacy is not only about reading and writing it is also about using your imagination, vocabulary and knowledge. If you look up the definition of literacy on the free dictionary you will find it says 1. The condition or quality of being literate, especially the ability to read and write. 2. The condition or quality of being knowledgeable in a particular subject or field. So when we talk about literacy do we actually mean English? In this case yes we do, but this is not always the case. According to the School the aims of literacy are: • To raise students expectations of achievement and therefore raise standards. • To develop students confidence and self-expression and therefore self-esteem. • To develop a shared understanding between…show more content…
I think the aim of literacy is to teach children/young people the ability to understand the English language both verbally and non-verbally. Children/young people should be encouraged to explore the way the English language works for example through phonics for vocabulary, reading, writing and spelling, this will help children and young people to have the knowledge to be able to read, write and spell with confidence. Children and young people will be able to expand their vocabulary through holding literacy skills. Being a secondary school the school has an English department that teaches literacy to student from year 7 (key stage 3) through to year 13 (A level), students have 3 hours of English a week up to the end of their GSCS’s, A level English students would have 5 hours a week. We also have core studies, which are run by HLTA in the learning support department. Core studies is for students that are below the national standard for their year, the students that have core studies lessons are not removed from their timetabled English lessons but are removed from their Modem Foreign Language lesson to undertake addition Literacy lessons. Students that require extra support for their reading are removed from tutor time up to 3 times a week to get this extra support…show more content…
Within each section it states what the students should be able to achieve for example under speaking and listening it states We want out students to develop increasing confidence and competence in speaking and listening so they are able to: • Clarify and explain their ideas and explain their thinking. • Use a varied and specialised vocabulary. • Listen with understanding and respond sensitively and appropriately. Under reading it states we want our students to enjoy reading, to be able to use their reading to help them learn to develop increasing confidence and competence in reading so that they are able to: • Read fluently and with understanding. • Select information from a wide range of texts and resources including print, media and to evaluate those sources. • Apply techniques such as skimming, scanning and text marking effectively in order to research and appraise

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