Modifying a Lesson Plan for English Language Learners (Ell)

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Modifying a Lesson Plan for English Language Learners (ELL) By Linda Brown Teaching Literacy to ELL Students E6536 Instructor: Ella Benson Argosy University As the number of English learners increases in schools across the United States, educators are seeking effective ways to help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the classroom. The SIOP Model* is a research-based and validated model of sheltered instruction. Professional development in the SIOP Model helps teachers plan and deliver lessons that allow English learners to acquire academic knowledge as they develop English language proficiency. The Center for Applied Linguistics is an excellent place for educators to gather research-based tools for working effectively with English Language Learners.This is a model, I will use to create a lesson plan for ELL students. The key points are to clearly post, refer to, and review learning objectives and language objectives. Multiple levels of English proficiency are set by standards that the students are monitored by model performance indicators. A student’s native language affects his or her language and academic outcomes by being surrounded by other students who are also ELL with the same English acquisition. Students may utilize their home language more in conversations when speaking to classmates who are from the same home language group (Willoughby, 2009). In speaking to other ELL students whose home language is different, ELL students, use English but due to the students’ limitations in their English proficiency, they expose each other to more broken English I will value the instructional power of a word wall by frequently utilizing, maintaining, and updating it.All too often, secondary educators miss important opportunities to build the literacy skills of all students. This is especially true in

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