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During the semester August to October, I am taking my English writing class. I learned many writing techniques and many types of sentences, such as simple, compound, complex, run-on, and comma splice. This class has helped me a lot to practice and improve my writing skills. In my point of view, my writing during this semester improved a lot in the structural way of an essay. The two personal issues that I plan to focus on and improve are gaining self awareness and adopting lifelong learning. By writing will improve my self-awareness and I will improve my English reading and writing by adopting lifelong learning. I will improve my self-awareness by writing. In school, I have a problem with my writing skills, and I was diagnosed with a learning disability. My English is so poor; I want to improve my English. First time, I avoided classes that involved a lot of writing, as I was still intimidated by past failures. But when poor writing began to affect my grades in other courses, I decided to take a composition class. Now, I use my On Course textbook in my English class, this journal will help me about self-awareness. I began to see how negative scripts could cause problems. Before I journal about myself and my English is poor. I feel awkward but I will feel strong with my writing. I would like to continue writing an English diary, about the things I have thought about during the day, and if someone can give me suggestions about my English writing. It will be a good practice for me to brush up my English. I want to build my future life. I will be successful when it comes to self-awareness, thought, and behavior. Those will improve my English by writing which is going to help me gain self-awareness. I will improve my English in order to adopt lifelong learning. I go to see my English tutor. I felt a little afraid to try a tutor English because this

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