The Fools List

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Helen Buckoke Section A Module 2 Student Number 2926/300115/72 The list of Fools. 1. What is the Emperor name? 2. How many hobbies does the Emperor have? 3. What is the Emperor’s favourite hobby? 4. Where does the Emperor live? 5. What country does the Emperor live in? 6. Who came to the Palace? 7. What did he have to sell? 8. How much did the Emperor pay? 9. What did the Emperor what more of? 10. How much more money did the Emperor pay for more horses? 11. What did the Emperor forgot to ask the dealer? 12. How many days after did the Emperor ask where the dealer was coming back? 13. Who did the Emperor ask to make the list? 14. Whose name was on the top of the list? 15. What did Birbal say he would do if the dealer came back? 16. Did the Emperor realise why he had been a fool? 17. What is another name for an Emperor? The age group that I think this story is aimed at is year 4’s (age group 6/7) as this would help the students with their understanding of the English language. This will help the students build up their grammar, sentence structure, reading skills, and handwriting and how to write sentences. As an EAL teacher who works with 11 to 16 year olds, I would use this story once the students had grasped the basic English language. Guided reading would help build up confidence in the students learning English. Helping the learners to get a better concept of our language from reading: writing and how the structure of sentences. As we already know learning our language is difficult with its grammar, homophones, formal and informal writing. 1. What was the Emperor name? The Emperor’s name is Akbar. 2. How many hobbies did the Emperor have? He had 4 hobbies. 3. What was his favourite hobby? He liked horses best? 4. Where did the Emperor live? He lived in a

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