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Graduation Project Manual for AP English Lit and Comp Students 2010-2011 Mr. Shepherd’s Class ASHEVILLE HIGH GRADUATION PROJECT INTRODUCTION The Graduation Project is a comprehensive thesis-based research project on a topic selected by the student. The main components of the Graduation Project are a research paper; a research extension (formerly known as the product), based on the research topic, that demonstrates or elaborates on an aspect of the topic; and an oral presentation of the research to a panel of three judges. . At Asheville High School, successful completion of the Graduation Project (formerly known as the Senior Exit Project) has been a graduation requirement for the last decade. Selecting and narrowing the topic is an important part of the process: the topic must be complex and comprehensive enough…show more content…
An article from an electronic database has been directly copies and presented as your own work. 4. Several works have been cut and pasted together and presented as original material. 5. Citations have been fabricated. 6. Directly quoted material is not indicated by quotation marks. Even if it is unintentional, plagiarism is plagiarism. Any facts or data that are not your own original thoughts must be cited. GUIDELINES FOR WRITING THE RESEARCH PAPER 1. Choose and limit your subject to an area that can be comprehensively covered in six to eight pages. 2. Write a tentative thesis based on an issue with two or more sides or controversial opinions (What argument do you want to prove? What question do you wish to answer through your research?). 3. Prepare a working bibliography of sources to answer your thesis. 4. Prepare a working outline based on questions and issues you wish to cover in your research. 5. Read and take notes. Always put the pages you get information from on the note cards. Record the information in your own words. Do not plagiarize. 6. Use quotation marks when copying word for

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