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Time, something that effects all of us and everything about us. As seconds go by information is gained, and processed by the mind. Simon Morley, main character of Jack Finney’s Time and Again had to react to every situation carefully, almost like a different person. He had to change personalities from decade to decade; outgoing in one and then cautious in the other. Acting like two different people, one would think that it would be difficult to completely change yourself, which was the same with Simon. There were similarities from his character from era to era, making the transition much easier on both the Simon and the reader. In both time periods Simon was amiable to all of those that he encountered, curious, and always wanted the truth. Simon Morley displayed these characteristics throughout the book from period to period because these characteristics made Simon the outgoing man he was. Throughout the book, Simon was friendly to all of those who he encountered. In the beginning of the book, when Simon first meets Rube, Simon seemed pleased to see him. “He smiled as I stepped into the lobby, a real smile, an I liked him instantly” (Finney 8), Simon thought when he first met Ruben. Even though he was having a fairly bad day, and anything would have been better, he was pleased. He acts and feels happy to meet the project leaders as well, from Danziger to Rossoff. This constancy continues all the way though the book, with Julia, Felix, and even Jake, who Simon begins to fear soon after. His amiability allowed him to meet, greet, and befriend new people easier and made his reactions easier for the reader to grasp. His happiness and attitude towards others depict him as an outgoing person as well. Simon’s curiosity stays with him throughout the book, from when he first joins the project, to Jake’s meeting with Carmody. In chapter one, Simon is offered a position in

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