Sally Morgan's Journey In Maestro

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An INNER JOURNEY involves the exploration into one’s self. It offers growth & development through emotional pilgrimage and provides new insights for the mind and spirit. Although the arrival of a journey is significant, it is the journey embarked on which matters most.. This is demonstrated Sally Morgan’s autobiographical novel in My Place, Anthony Hills picture book Burnt Stick and Peter Goldsworthy’s novel, Maestro all portray the value of reflection in one’s life and how the journeys need to be relished. Morgan recounts her journey of mind and spirit as she embarks on a psychological journey into the heartland of her identity. Sally Morgan’s inner journey takes the form of a search for her identity and her connections to her past. The…show more content…
Maestro presents a journey of the mind and spirit as an Crabbe grows, matures, and loses his innocence while gaining experience through his relationship with his “piano tutor.”. What makes Maestro provoke an inner reflection was inter-wovenness of the ideas in the text that clarified the historical perspective of Keller’s past and Paul’s misconceptions of Keller’s social and cultural background. The contrast between Paul’s incompetence and Keller’s professionalism as a “maestro” is reflected in Paul’s inner journey, “as I climbed the wooden steps heard the sound of a piano” which from a first person narration positions the reader to perceive the success of this novel through an inner journey and a deep reflection of Goldsworthy’s cultural presentation of the lives of two people. They were worlds apart but their lives were so intriguingly intertwined through music as Paul reflected “it was the kind of music that made me stand outside the door and…show more content…
Paul is finally able to accept him and thus completes his inner journey. Like Daisy, Keller is depicted as extremely stubborn, a “boozer” and “Nazi”, who refuses to accept new ideas and concepts. “His exile was chosen, not forced upon him”, which is similar to Daisy’s decision in refusing to accept the past and thus inhibiting her ability to grow and journey. In the end of maestro Paul journey ends that he will never be Keller’s vision of a maestro. His reaslisitons allows him to complete his journey of growth and he changes from the arrogant young boy to a well manner man. Sally Morgan’s journey also is demonstrates its significance “To think that I nearly missed all this. All my life I’d only ever been half a person.” The use of emotive and direct words maintains a sense of relief and fulfillment. The effects of this are that the reader can ultimately understand the significance of Sally’s inner journey and the importance of finally finding a sense of

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