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A Book Of Hilarious Stories: Me Talk Pretty One Day When they say don’t judge a book by its cover, Me Talk Pretty One Day is definitely a book you want to be sure to go by this rule. When picking this book I was really hesitant because the cover looked as if it were going to be uninteresting. Little did I know it would be full of laughter and leave me wanting to read more and more. I loved it! Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris is a book of short stories that is separated into two parts. The first part tells the stories of his life in the United States and the different problems and complications that he faces. The stories tell of many situations in the earlier part of his life and how he didn’t really fit in. The second section of…show more content…
I think one of the biggest themes within the stories was language. He always told stories of struggling when it came to talking. Whether it was the lisp he had as a child, the southern drawl of his brother, or the feeling of babbling when speaking French, Sedaris was always putting emphasis on language. Throughout the stories you also see an individual verses society theme. In Go Carolina he is singled out as a student with a speech problem and has a lot of problems accepting it. In another essay he finds himself at an art school trying to get other to accept his art. I also loved the tone in which Sedaris told his stories. While telling the stories of real-life events that could be very heart-felt, he still managed to enlighten them with a little humor. Every serious story led to another joke that kept begging me to keep reading. He was very straight forward with the things he said and thought, and made comparing his stories to everyday life scenarios a lot easier and helped me to learn to laugh. I really enjoyed my time reading Me Talk Pretty One Day. I’ve never laughed so much and haven’t wanted to put a book down. This is definitely a book that I would recommend. It’s full of real life stories that many people can relate to and lets you know that it’s okay for you to laugh at the negative in life. This book is a must read that will keep you laughing! Don’t say I didn’t warn

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