Personal Narrative: Loyola Admission Essay

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Hung Pham Loyola Admission Essay I remember the first day I attend school in America, eyes full of fear and uncertainty. In this mysterious land, people existed in all shapes and colors: black, white, yellow, brown, and everything in between. Despite these physical differences, however, everyone shared one thing in common, English, the language that tied lives together and make communication possible between diverse individuals. However, I knew little to nothing of the English language. I never imagined myself taking an AP English class. Upon first arriving in the U.S, I was extremely lonely, lacking any friends or family to share those lonely feeling. At school, I struggled in every class and struggled to make friends with other kids. While at home, television and games provided my only companionship. I missed Vietnam, longing for delicious authentic Vietnamese foods and the love of my big family and closing friends. Building relationships was not easy, as I was fearful of approaching others due to my English speaking level. "If only I could speak English," I constantly thought. If only I could speak English, I would not boil with anger…show more content…
It helped me overcome the struggles I faced in this new land, turning me into a realistic, social, and confident individual. By forcing myself to make friends in school, I became outgoing and independent, willing to interact with diverse classmates. As I did so, I realized that I had become friends with a lot of the people in my grade. In opening up, I found that the world was not nearly as scary or dreadful as I had feared. Instead, it was full of warmth and positive energy. Previously, I had lacked friends not because I couldn't speak English, but because I had built wall around myself with my negative energy and focus on what I could not do. Now, I’m finishing my high school years with being one of the top student in my school. I am ready to face the challenges that await me at
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