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Barrack Addresses The Congress As most of us can already tell, President Barrack Obama is an excellent speaker. He has a variety of speeches that can be considered historic. Rather it be his inaugural speech, or his democratic nomination speech, Barrack always has his way with the audience. This is mainly do in part by his unique and prestigious mannerisms. Personally, I feel that Obama picked up on every responsibility of the speaker. He spoke in a urgent tone, He made eye contact with his audience, and most important of them all, he spoke a clear message that could easily be comprehended by the listeners. His hand gestures were well timed and marked the significance of some events that he wanted you to pick up on as key points.…show more content…
You can tell he knew his material because he spent more time giving eye contact and less time looking at his note cards/TelePrompter. The constant energy that Obama had made it hard not to be interested in what he was saying. He didn't really stumble on any words, and that shows that he wasn't too much nervousness if there was any at all. The audience was very attentive. the audience received the message and gave feedback via applause or head nod etc. You can feel that the audience was very excited about the message and the speaker because of the various standing ovations. They weren't rude nor inconsiderate, the audience had and maintained a high level of maturity and professionalism, all but one. The man who yelled out “you lie” was very disrespectful but luckily his rudeness did not stop the speaking process. President Obama is a potent and energetic speaker. The tone of his voice can make any random person want to hear what he has to say. Tie that in with his humor and relaxed demeanor and you get a wonderful speaker and an easily portrayed message. He was very poised and calm and that turned out to be the very reason why he got out of bad
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