Ideals Of Young Adults In The Breakfast Club

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When a person accepts another person, great things happen including the sharing of ideas occurs, and understanding a person more. When people converse and realize their similarities, they suddenly understand each other and begin to accept each other for who they are. In The Breakfast Club, the characters understand each other more through their parents and less through their actions. Through this movie, ideals of young adults will be expressed and clearly shown. The Characters are Brian, a brain; Andrew, an athlete; Allison, a basket case; Claire, a princess; and John, a criminal. All of these characters are unrelated and very different. The Breakfast Club can be seen as a movie for uniting characters because all the characters become united though their similarities during this nine hour long…show more content…
Then Allison asks Claire, “Please, why're you being so nice to me?” Claire then responds with, “'Cause you're letting me.” This definitely shows how people, fundamentally, can all be friends by accepting each other for who they are and accepting and interpreting the ideas that other people present. After this dramatic makeover, Andrew looks at Allison with new eyes and falls in love with her. Claire falls in love with Bender, and she gives Bender one of the diamond earrings that Bender said made her preppy. He accepts the earring, and they kiss. These wonderful bonds that were made in nine hours, will last for a while and maybe forever. The Breakfast Club, then, shows love and acceptance through the qualities, and elements of the characters. It also shows that all their differences at the beginning of the movie soon became similarities. And through those similarities, they became united and bonded. The theme is shown and emphasized through all of the characters, and they show how through their parents, they accept each other and learned how to cope and love one

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