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Mexico, Home Sweet Home... Tequila, mariachis and tacos are regarded as symbols of our culture around the world. This has to do with the fact that we are cheerful by nature, and ideed passionate about partyng. As tipical Lating Americans, we greatly deeply enjoy dancing and music as well good food and good drinks in the company of our friends and family. I miss the noice of the roosters and birds in the morning when the sun is coming out. In mexico, I don't need an alarma clock because if I oversleep by seven o'clock, for sure at least one of the neighbors will play happy and loud music. To wake up in Mexico is a pleasure. My mother cooked for me everyday always making elaborate delicious mexican dishes that I love. My favorites are tamales, pozole, sopes and chilaquiles when my mom made them it is even more special. She wants to make me happy and she does. In Mexico we said hi, good morning, good night to strangers ina sign of respect. All the families are very traditional, we teach our childrens respect and values with love. We love to celebrate our traditions further than drinking, dancing and eating, we like gathering and sharing. This place revives my senses, Mexico is so colorful, I see houses with diferent styles and crazy happy colors. The people dress like they are going to a party everyday. Especially women, they care so much about their apperance, impeccable from head to toe. We are social and warm people. We always find an excuse to go out. We love to interact with people and yeah, we love to talk. Mexico is my favorite place because it is my country and my home. This place makes me feel alive and well. I am always welcome there, is no other place on Earth like Mexico.

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