Looking For Alibrandi Film Analysis

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Looking for Alibrandi 1. The film techniques that are used in the ‘National Wog Day’ scene are; the rich Italian music, to symbolize the rich Sicilian culture that is present throughout the movie, this theme is also used with the Sepia colours, to represent the old Italian culture, the plants also help achieve this. When Josie starts talking the colours go out of sepia and then goes into brightness and she starts talking in English this represents modern times in Australia. You can see that all the Alibrandi women are wearing red. 2. Josie feels embarrassed by the display of culture, she doesn’t like living in the past, with old traditions. Josie wants to live in the present, and not being tied down by old traditions. Her feelings are made clear when she changes the…show more content…
Michael is happy that Josie called him to the school to help her because it shows that she accepts him in her life. 18. Sarah’s theory of destiny is that you “let your parents decide” and you have to “marry your own stock” and that you don’t move outside your realm of social and economic status. 19. Josie doesn’t sleep with Jacob because they are different cultures and religions; she believes this to be too important. Josie doesn’t want to end up like her mother. Also because, his father is in the next room. Josie is still grieving over john, and she doesn’t want to do anything rash. 20. Nonna’s secret is that Christina’s father is actually Marcus Sanford, at this point in the movie; all the secrets have been told. 21. “National Wog Day” at the end of the movie is more upbeat and different because Josie is happy and invites Jacob and her friends to attend with her; this shows that she has embraced her culture. When she puts on the music and starts dancing, it shows she is happy. 22. In the end of the film Josie becomes happy with herself, at the beginning she wants people o envy her, but now she is happy with her family. “We aren’t cursed, we are
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