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Dietria Smith English 116 W Bortolotti Movie Essay 21 Dec 2011 Steel Magnolias: Southern Belles Comedy Steel Magnolias, Herbert Ross’s laugh-getting, tear –jerking audience manipulation, is practically critic proof. According to Christopher Null the film was overly saccharine, yet somewhat satisfying tale of southern romance and tragedy. While Robert Ebert goes on to say,” Steel Magnolias is willing to sacrifice its over-all impact for individual moments of humor.” The plot is six Louisiana women in three generations facing birth and death, abandonment and reunification, who find immense personal strength despite grave personal weaknesses through a fellowship rooted in faithfulness and Truvy’s beauty shop (Truvy played by Dolly Parton).…show more content…
The actresses were fit for the part and even though there was tragedy they still found a way to make you laugh away the pain and for that is why I think the film was awarded numerous times . The lead actresses are Dolly Parton and Sally Field. They are both superb at what their achievements and I loved them in many other fields as well. Peter Travers agrees stating “The ladies are live wires. Just stand back and watch them set off sparks.” The supporting actresses Shirley MacLaine (Ouiser), Olympia Dukakis (Clairee), and Daryl Hannah put the icing on the cake. They were great and made the film even more worth the while. Finally, Steel Magnolias has been awarded some of the top awards ever presented. The People’s Choice Award, Golden Globe, and an Oscar are just to name a few of the six. Not only were the southerners nominated for the American Comedy Award in 1990, they also come close to the Golden Globe, as well as the CFCA Award. Individual awards were presented as well, Julia Roberts won the Golden Globe Award and Shirley MacLaine was nominated for numerous awards as well. In conclusion, Steel Magnolias is one of those laugh-and-cry-and-feel-good-all-at-the-same-time movies. 9 to 5 which is another film starring Dolly Parton came out in 1980’s, didn’t even come close to Steel Magnolias as a personal opinion. This film is great to watch when ready to laugh or maybe even to shed a tear but all in all it is a great

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