Film Analysis: Their Eyes Were Watching God

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This paper will discuss the way to analyze a film. It will amalgamate how one may find and interpret movies and my personal view on how to evaluate a film. There are many elements to consider. One must look at the area of visual and style, cinematography, structure, and dialogue to name a few. I will look at the elements it takes to produce as well as analyze a movie. It takes great skills to orchestrate a great film. John Ford states” You don’t compose a film on the set. You put a pre-designed composition on film. It is wrong to liken a director to an author. He is more like an architect, if he is creative. An architect conceives his plans from given premises – the purpose of the building, its size, its terrain. If he…show more content…
For example I recently saw the phenomenal film Their Eyes Were Watching God. Halle Berry stars in this version of Zora Neale Hurston's novel, adapted for television and produced by Oprah Winfrey. The story centers on Janie Crawford (Berry), a free-spirited woman who lives her life on her own terms. Refusing to accept her place as a black woman in the 1920s, Janie lives life to its fullest and experiences a journey filled with great joy and unbearable heartache. I enjoyed the casting choices because the actors and scenery joined to convey a part of the movies theme. It discussed issues that were amenable. As stated in our text by Edward G. Robinson, “an audience identifies with the actors of flesh and blood and heartbeat, as no reader or beholder can identify with even the most artful paragraphs in books or the most inspiring paintings. There, says the watcher, but for some small difference in time or costume or inflections or gait, go I …. And so, the actor becomes a catalyst; he or she brings ignition that spark in every human being that longs for the miracle of transformation”. The contribution is so important, because the audience relates to the human ingredient. I enjoyed watching the main character played by Halle Berry pull the audience in from scene one by her true attitudes and emotions of this drama genre. Halle Berry, became the character, she made me believe…show more content…
Most of the tempos are extremely slow and a mellow romantic tone. There is sound in movies that are not to dramatize the scene but to rather notify the audience that this is an important scene coming up. There are specific elements that should evident, the movement and tone of actors must be believable to convey a story. After viewing trailer, two films come to mind in which the music, narrative, and structure was changed to present two very different themes, one of cheerfulness and the other of horror. The costumes, expressions and music executed, to get the desired end. These two films I refer to are, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Mary Poppins. These are two childhood favorites; they are of the cheerful genre. A movie that truly conveys a message should be able to affect its audience, and the audience should be able to somewhat relate to it. When evaluating a movie, one must know the approach of the film, the plot. Evaluating is basically judging a film with all the facts and opinions present. One can not help but to compare evaluating a film to a simple court case. The accused party is given a fair trial and this is what we must do when evaluating a film; give it a fair trial. We should take into consideration the producer’s effort of casting, acting, script, wardrobe and makeup, music and effects, staging and props, and

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