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La Quinceañera Quinceañera has a history that goes back to 500 B.C., around the time of the Aztecs. The word Quinceañera derives from “quince” meaning fifteen, and “añera” from “años” which means years. In the Aztec civilization, 15 year old boys were becoming warriors and girls were presented as young ladies. A girl’s Quinceañera was a rite of passage and a huge honor. This is the most important ceremony in a girl’s life next to her wedding. To celebrate this coming of age, there is a Thanksgiving Mass (Misa de Acción de Grácias) at the family’s church. The Quinceañera is escorted by a head chamberlain (chambelan), other chamberlains, maids of honor (damas), her godparents (padrinos) and her parents. This is a formal occasion & deeply resembles a wedding. The Quinceañera has bridesmaids & wears a glamorous dress with gorgeous jewelry to make herself stand out. This ceremony is a reaffirmation of the baptismal vows made by her parents earlier in her life. There is also a special candle ceremony to thank the people in her life who helped her develop and grow. At the Quinceañera’s party, the Quinceañera and her father do a father/daughter dance. The father takes his daughter’s hand and invited her to share a waltz with him. This shows that she is a lady and must be treated like one. This dance is very special and is great entertainment and memories for those attending. This Mexican festival has now been adopted by many other Hispanic counties and even carried over to the U.S. Celebrations are now bigger and better as years pass. It is now very common among Latino families to have a Quinceañera for their daughter's coming of age. These days, Quinceañeras are still very important to a Latino girl’s life and is a memory that will be forever cherished. There are many Quinceañera traditions that have passed on throughout the years. The guest of honor (La

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