Themes In The Secret Life Of Bees

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In the novel The Secret Life of Bees, author Sue Monk Kidd shows in extraordinary detail that no matter how large or small the loss is, it can cause a great amount of pain. Among other themes one of the largest storylines for most of the characters is how they each learn to let go of the loss that they have experienced and the realization that some people can love them unequivocally. The tremendous impact that loss can have on a person and the journey that people must go through to move on is shown in great detail in this book; while June and Lily both struggle with the fact people might love them unconditionally they deal with the acceptance of love in very different ways. The main character, Lily Owens, had to learn about loss in a very difficult way at a very young age when she lost her mother at the age of four. The only person to ever show her any type…show more content…
This differs from how Lily acts because Lily relies on others to help make her happy. One of the reasons that June does not want to marry Neil is because she does not want to admit that she might actually need him. She is afraid of letting someone know that she needs them because the last time she fell in love he left her. “Ever since Melvin Edwards backed out of your wedding all those years back, you’ve been afraid of love, refusing to take a chance” (211). August knows that June is afraid to fall in love again because the last man that she fell in love with left her. June and Neil argue a lot about the issue of marriage; once their fight gets so bad that June tells him that if he leaves then he should never come back because she will never marry him. Even though at the beginning of the novel June did not want to take a chance and let people love her, she realizes that if you let someone in life becomes a lot
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