Who Was To Blame For Bruno's Death As His Father

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Bruno’s Mother is equally the blame for Bruno’s death as his Father because at the start she wouldn’t tell him where and why they were moving away from their house in Berlin, Germany. Because she wouldn’t tell him, it made him curious and wanted to explore around. Before moving to Out-with, Bruno’s Grandmother knew what her son would have to do, so she didn’t want him to go to Out-with in the first place, and she had said it was no place for young children to go, and because Bruno had no idea what was happening he had asked his father. But his father should have sat him down and explained what was happening, but Bruno didn’t know what his father’s job was so he was unable to say anything. While at Out-With, in Poland, Bruno’s mother payed hardly any attention to him, she would…show more content…
His father didn’t tell him why they were there, what they had done to the country and who they were. Because none of this was explained to Bruno he had just thought they were normal people and he wanted to be with other children so badly. Bruno is always curious and that causes him to find Shmuel. Because Bruno’s Mother and Father did not tell him about Jews and what is really happening in the camp, and also Shmuel wouldn’t tell him because he wanted a friend and he wanted decent food. Bruno’s Mother telling Bruno not to go into the back yard is only tempting him to go in there, and when he does get caught in there he hardly gets in trouble, so he thinks if he keeps going in mother isn’t going to care. If she didn’t want him in there he should have taken him in there and let him look at the stuff and see what is in there. That way he knows nothing exciting is there and that he wouldn’t want to go in

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