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Family History As the time goes by the family history keeps on changing with its generations; within the time changing the cultural and costumes change as well. In my house we practice different cultures. My family in the USA is my mom, mom older sister, and myself. We were all born and raised in Brazil, then we moved over it, therefore we definitely adopted some of the American culture, because of that we became Americanized. On top of that I married a Lebanese man, now it becomes even more mixed up with the cultures. Brazil and United States have almost all the holydays in common. One of the holydays that we do not celebrate in Brazil is Thanksgiving, but since we have moved it we celebrate thanksgiving every year with family friends. My mom still cooks just like she used to in Brazil, just not as many times a day that we do in Brazil. Our favorite holydays is New Year, for us Brazilians; we all have to dress in white, as we welcome peace for the New Year. If we were in Brazil we would go to the beach and watch fireworks just like almost the whole country do. I also have family back home; I have my dad, my stepmom, two younger sisters and one younger brother. They are the one that keeps most of the Brazilian culture in me. Every time I go back I come even more Brazilian, with my Portuguese even more fluently. We have family weekends; we go to our beach house and enjoy the days with no stress and no problems, that’s something super common in Brazil for families to do. We eat rice and beans every day, twice a day: lunch and dinner. If there is not rice or beans it is not a complete meal for us. For example, in Brazil if there are not beans my younger brother would not sit at the table and eat. He would never eat his food with no beans. My mom, my sister and I are more laid back about that, but most of the time we cook rice and beans as well, and of course

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