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Evaluation Essay of Cracker Barrel Restaurant Everyone has a favorite restaurant that he or she loves to eat at. My favorite restaurant to eat at is Cracker Barrel. The Cracker Barrel restaurants are not well known for fine dining, but for the down-to-earth ambience of country folks dining. I always enjoy dining at the Cracker Barrel because the atmosphere is welcoming, the food is great, the service is excellent, and an added gift shop offers encouragement. Every time I walk into a Cracker Barrel restaurant I obtain the best feeling. No matter how many times I dine here, I always enjoy observing what is around me. Each and every comforting smile the employees have on their faces and the present of the gift shop offering variety selections…show more content…
After browsing around the retail store for a moment, we were taken to our table given a menu, and then asked our drink order. With the arrival of our drinks the waitress took our meal selections in which she extended to us some of the menus daily specials. Once the food arrived I notice that it was not our waitress who bought over the order but someone else. This is what makes for the exceptional service—no matter how busy your server may be, someone is always there to take up the slack. As we ate our meal the waitress made many trips to give refills. The only problem with the service was the fact of another person bringing over our meal which is definitely understandable since the restaurant was considerably busy. Dining at Cracker Barrel was an enjoyable experience for me. With the abundance of fresh southern meals, and its unique and amazing environment, it simply helps you to relax while forgetting your troubles. During my visit to the Cracker Barrel I experience a historical atmosphere, the food was exceptional, the best of service, and although normally very busy, especially at prime season, it does not take long to get a table. Cracker Barrel has many menu choices that can be beneficial to a healthy eating plan and at the same time reasonably priced. Cracker Barrel will continue to be one of my favorite

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