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My World View What is my Worldview, Philosophy of Life? What gives me Meaning and Purpose? A lot of my past teachers have asked this question and yet here it is again. It used to be hard for me to answer this question because I never knew what those words meant or what to write about it. I’m asked to write about it again, but this time I now know how to answer it. It’s hard though to choose just one thing or people and say this is my worldview. To tell you the truth, there are a couple of things in my life that make up my worldview. Don’t worry, they all connect together and make sense. My mother plays a big part in my life. She is the one I go to if I have a problem, even though she lives three states a way. She is a special person in my life and my role model too. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. She has been through so many obstacles in her lifetime and one way or another she has overcome them all. I want to be just like her; strong-willed, passionate about life, tries to see the good in everything even though it looks bad, and beautiful. The second set of people means the world to me: My wonderful Husband, my handsome son, and my beautiful daughter. They are the reason why I enjoy waking up each morning. You see, I am a stay at mom and wife and I enjoy every minute of it. I get to watch my babies grow and learn new things each day. I also love fulfilling my husband’s needs and wants or at least I try. He is very supportive of me being home and yet he encourages me to go out and do something with myself. That is why I love him so much because he is caring, loving, and wonderful. He right though, there does come a point in my life where I need more. That more is my college education; I want to be well educated so that I can have a career in life and not just a job. I want to show my kids that college is important. I want to be able to help my

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