The "Human Experience"

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Throughout my life I have experienced many incidents that have led me to have a greater insight on life and the “human experience”. Although each occurrence has created a similar epiphany, there is a series of experiences that have continuously changed my life. As once stated by St. Edna Vincent Millay, “It’s not true that life is one damn thing after another, it’s one damn thing over and over.” Living with four sisters and one brother sends me on a different journey every day. The six of us are incredibly different, yet each of us brings something new and exciting to the dinner table each night. Being the oldest, I have had the opportunity to live life in the fast lane and experience at life first hand. Each birth of my siblings has been an important experience. Each has brought a new challenge, and with every challenge I have molded. I have taken these unexpected challenges and have created a greater insight on life. Each event and decision that these five wonderful gifts have brought me, have created me. I have learned to strive under pressure and am able to tackle any challenge or obstacle with a proactive attitude. In doing so I am able to be the best version of myself, the person who accomplishes greatness in every single endeavor. Having the privilege of being born the oldest has its advantages, yet it also comes with its many disadvantages. Throughout my entire life my parents have pushed me to my extreme in every task that I embark on. They have, and will continue, to expect greatness from me. Their expectations have allowed me to become a responsible person. Beneath their wings I have become a mature, accountable, and helpful adult. Throughout these experiences, I have learned that I must manage my time wisely and finish things on my own. I am a role model to my brother and sisters. Knowing that nobody is neither perfect nor
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