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Reflections of US/101 Amy Kelley US/101 Professor Eric Wright Reflections of US/101 When I think back over this class I have received a greater knowledge base on several different things but out of all of them there are a few that really stuck with me and will drive me to seek more information and ideas. The few that have made the most impact are time and stress management, integrity and ethics, and goal settings. When I think about time and stress management I find that I have always fallen short because I have always tried to do everything and there are a time when that is just not possible. After taking this class I can see how my stress level has been high and have found a few ways to reduce my stress as well as find time…show more content…
Some may not be as big as others but are no less valuable. Goals can lead you down several paths some may not be the right one at the time but you can still learn valuable lessons. Setting goals is very much of my daily life. With being a busy mother, working woman, devoted wife, and college student goals are a part of everything that I do. Without the goal of going to college I would not be here today. Also, I would not be teaching my children not to give up on their dreams. By believing that the long-term results and the value of completing my degree in higher education to be that if it is a dream or a goal of yours that you are never too old to achieve them. Also, if you are returning to school later in life you are setting an example for your children so they can see that you never give up on your goals and dreams. My personal plan for my academic future is to push myself to do better in school and achieve the goal that I set for myself of a 4.0 GPA. By doing this it will show future employers of my dedication to not only my studies but to my future dedication that I can bring to their company. As for as my personal plan for my career future, I know that my degree of choice is very versatile to many different types of companies. I am, also, open to expanding my knowledge in the business field because I think that I can be of use in any different areas of many different businesses. By completing my degree and achieving

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