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After saving its neck from the guillotine of closing, the boarding program has now come up with a new initiative to increase the interaction between boarding and day students in UCC. When the boarding program was put on the cutting board, one of the arguments against it was that it lacked interaction between boarders and day students. The boarder day-boy exchange program introduces the day student to a new, mysterious environment that is the boarding house. The oblique area that exists beside the quadrangle is now open to all stewards who will then make a documentary reflecting upon their experiences in boarding. After the stewards experience it for themselves, they will talk about it in their housemeetings to encourage other students to try the program. The first student to try out this new exchange program will be Matthew Stevens, the head of Scadding’s. He has graciously volunteered to give the pilot program a go, and experience it alongside a long-time friend, Nicholas Lombardo, who has recently changed to boarding from day. Tim Mens, creativity steward, praises the program by saying “Nick Lombardo’s room is ridiculously clean, and the milk and toast room is extremely cool!” But on a more serious note, the program is expected to increase a mingling of the two different co-existing student bodies, and closely unite the boarding students into the UCC community. Senior house advisor of Wedd’s Andrew Turner seems excited to kick off this program this week with Stevens, and invites boarding students to bring friends and students previously interested in boarding or just plain intimidated by it. After Stevens’ three days in boarding, he highly recommends the program. By participating in the activity, Stevens was able to get a slice of boarding life in three short days. The next steward to participate is Derek Wasser, who will participate after the October SATs. A

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