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Resilient Resilience is the ability to take setbacks and fight back to succeed. This defines a man I have had the privilege to work with. Josh Roark is a twenty-five year old born in Canada that moved to Fort Worth, TX for most of his years so far. He is a good sized man around six feet and weighing in about 185lbs with light colored skin. When he was in college he found out about vector marketing and like most students now, he launched and did really well with the company. He eventually worked himself through the tough but very rewarding road to become a district manager. Josh is a great manager due to his optimistic outlook. He always says “Always be at your best.” There is nothing that gets to this man. Last summer we had the biggest…show more content…
When he talks to Holly its, “Good morning sunshine” and with Chris he acts cool, “Hey how’s it going man.” It helps him to build better friendships with his us which are pretty much his second family. He really cares about us as people and he shows it by telling us how we can use what we learn in the real world. “Josh when am I ever going to use getting references outside of vector?” “Well you know when you want to get a girls number you’ll know how to ask for it in the right way to where you get it.” We laugh about it and a lot of things that go on around the office. He always makes it fun for us by setting up games and competitions. One game we do is to set up demos and we have two captains and they pick people to be on their team. Josh is always a captain and he lets the other captain pick first. When the teams are picked the heat is on because the reward for the winning team is usually cash which ranges from $40-$100 depending on how many people are playing. He constantly pushes his team and helps them to try and win. “Gagoosh!” Someone says this really loud when the set up a demo. There is always a goal to every one of his competitions and speeches and it is to make his reps exceed what they thought they

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