Muscle Chapter Summary

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1.) Book Title: Muscle 2.) Author: Samuel W. Fussell 3.) Publisher: Harper Paperbacks 4.) Copyright: 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. 5.) # Of Pages: 264 6.) Genre: Non-Fiction Muscle mostly takes place in present day California, in the so-called Mecca of bodybuilding. Where iron is the main thing, and you are measured as a person by how big your arms and chest are. Working through the inner circles of the gym world, surviving through the sore muscles, barfing, starvation, and grueling workouts. Samuel W. Fussell, an Oxford graduate is telling the story in a first person mode, so you really feel apart of him and see things as he did. He does a great job of keeping a high interest of the reader during the book, and always has an…show more content…
Now he feels as though he has a shell around him and knows that nobody will mess with him. He feels like he is in a whole different class from ordinary people, and that makes him walk a little taller. Of course Sam had some help along the way, and I found Tiny to be the inspiration of Sam, a coach of some sort. He was a short man, but wide with his muscles making him look like a block. He treated Sam well and taught him the ropes when everyone else made fun of him as soon as he walked through the gym door. It showed me a lot about Tiny, and possibly that Tiny was Sam one day and was just retuning the favor. The authors writing style is very easy to follow and understanding, but at times he makes it intense when needed. He writes in a style that keeps you interested all times but does not leave you hanging or guessing. That is the strength of the book I think, not the simplicity but the way he makes you feel as though you are the writer. I honestly did not think there was a weak point to the book. This was one of the better books that I have read, mainly because I was very interested in the subject. The book was very interesting and intense.
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