Short Story: Les Schwab Tire Factory

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Justin’s BIO… Hi, my name is Justin and I live in Central Oregon. It’s a little town called Prineville. It is outside of Bend and Redmond Oregon. A cool little fact that I can tell you about this little town is that Les Schwab the founder of Les Schwab Tire Factory has his home base for his company located here. I’m a father of two awesome sons name Cameron and Jonathon, and I have a beautiful step-daughter name Kristen. My wife is also going back to school to get her degree in education. I have been thinking a long time about going back to school and I felt that it was time to do it. I want to better my life for my kids and show them that an education is very important. I had a lot of dead end jobs that lead nowhere and felt that I should go back to school and get my degree. I know I couldn’t go to a physical college for the main fact I live 40 to 50 miles away from the nearest college. Online college would give me that opportunity to get my degree without being away from my…show more content…
I was a huge jock in high school and it has taught me to be a team player and a leader in my life. Right now I do not have a job. I was laid off by my last employer and I felt that it was a sign that I should go back to school again and get that all important degree. I’m going to get my associates first then I’m going to get my bachelors. I have been in the retail business my whole professional career and felt that a business degree would help me achieve my goals. My main goal is to own my own business and strive for the American dream. I like retail for the fact that you get to work with the community and get to know your customers. With a good customer base, your business with thrive. Without a good customer base your business with go under. My other dream is to travel and I feel that having a business degree will help me reach both of my goals and show that you can do anything as long as you put your best foot

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