Personal Ethics Statement

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PERSONAL ETHICS STATEMENT Good personal ethics are important when working in collaboration with other students in order to have a successful outcome. My personal ethics lens shows that I demonstrate prudence and fortitude. I demonstrate wisdom in sensible, practical matters and foresight as I act with enlightened self-interest in each circumstance. I avoid irrational actions while embracing entrepreneurship to the group. I also bring optimism, imagination and courage to the table in the face of any obstacles that might stand in my way. Interdependence is goal for me, harmonizing the rights of others with the well-being of the group. I value sensibility, following one’s heart to make prudent choices. I am tempered by rationality, and using reasoning to find the rules of life. My personal ethics lens includes my personal actions and behaviors, my core values, and responsibilities. My personal preferred lens is the results lens and the reputation lens. I sensibly listen to my intuition to determine the best for everyone and the character traits and ethic beliefs that will best suit my fellow classmates. I am sometimes content with too little and have unrealistic role expectations, relying too much on the virtues related to someone’s role, absent to the fact that others can fail regardless of their part in the project. However, I am very self-reliant and posses accountability. I am not afraid to pursue something I want and able to take everyone’s thought into consideration, even as I live out what is required of me in the group. My weakness are that I can be tempted to expedience and entitlement. If I am not paying attention I can be easily tempted to base my actions on what is political or advantageous rather than what is right or just. I can also persuade myself that my role in the group gives me special privileges inconsistent with good character. My vice is
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