Personal Ethics Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement Values and ethics are a part of everyday life. The life we live shows the strength of our personal character. All of us need to make immediate and wise decisions. The choices we make should be driven by our own ethics. I believe that people need good ethics to promote a healthy and positive environment for ourselves and others. I always assumed my personal ethical viewpoint is that everything should be equal and fair. After reviewing my Ethical Lens Inventory, it proved me right. I found that my preferred ethical lens is the Relationship Lens. I use my rationality to determine how I can ensure equality to all others. I learned that my blind spot is I trust too much in just outcomes for everything. I tend to forget that although every person should have equal access, not everyone does. Even though I want everything to be fair, I know it is not and I often rely on ethical decisions to come up with a fair system. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I still have yet to find personally what my strengths are, but based on what I have learned from the Ethical Lens Inventory I found that one of my strengths is my gift of justice. Because I am a fair person, I do my best to work for what is just for everyone. I believe in finding solutions to things and helping people in a positive and beneficial manner. I try to avoid conflicts and protect the least advantaged without creating unnecessary hassles for the rest. One of my weaknesses is that I trust reasonable systems to solve most problems. Because of that I run the risk to be considered authoritarian and assuming that my way is best, which is not at all my intention. At some point I could become isolated because not everyone can guarantee equality. My obsession with justice could drive those I care about most away from me. I
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