Opened College Students Eyes to Succeed!

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College students should pursue either these qualities or skills to succeed in college. If students were to not meet any of the qualities or skills, it will be hard and frustrating for these students to succeed. There are many qualities and skills that are needed to succeed in college including determination and effort. One quality a student must have is putting forth the effort to attend class. If students are determined to attend class regularly, they will increase their chances of learning the material. The downside of not putting enough effort in attending class is possibly getting dropped out of the course. Another quality is to finish the assignment by the assigned date. For example, by putting effort into finishing assignments early, students will feel better about themselves and won’t get stress out about finishing by the due date. But if a student wasn’t determined to finish assignments, they would most likely fail the course. Finally the last quality to succeed in college is to have a social life during college. By putting the time and effort to have a social life, most students will come back to school more determined because of the “break” from school. If they don’t put forth the effort to their social life they will be caught up in school and will eventually get stressed out. By using these qualities being determined, and to give effort, students will have a better chance of succeeding in college. When using study/testing strategies students should consider several skills. One good skill is having thorough note taking skills during lecture. For instance, if someone has a big test coming up, and they take good notes, more than likely he/she will have easier study material. The advantage of taking notes makes lectures easier for students to remember information. For example, a student that writes things down remembers more information, rather than a

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