Nt1310 Unit 9 Project

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Childhood Education Unit 9 Project During the course of this term I have learned so many things that will benefit me and others that are around me in my day to day routine. I have explored new skill sets and heard different viewpoints. I have also noted many rules and regulations that I feel are highly necessary to have on hand in the classroom. When you look at a class you are not only seeing the children of today but you are seeing the eyes to our future and the teacher that is ahead of the class has all the pressure upon her/his shoulders. Learning does not pick up once your child is in all day school but yet the moment they arrive to the world. They are learning and developing in ways we don’t even think about anymore because they are so natural for us. Once your child arrives they have to learn and adapt to the outside world. This includes breathing, crying, and sucking among so much more within the first few weeks. Your children are learning from their surroundings, the people they are watching and the noises they hear. They develop feelings and emotions and though they are different from adults they are valid and need attention. You are providing the stepping stones for your child to be the next president or greatest inventor from the small choices you make in their bedroom and toys you choose for them. Children learn by…show more content…
Having the centers in place for the proper age group, having a quiet place for them to regain focus and read, having building blocks, and dramatic play will help the fundamentals of development really set in. With early childhood development you want to make sure that you are providing them ways to learn and explore on their own. They need their imagination, and they need to enjoy the free time so they can soak in what they are being
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