Analyse The Importance Of Play In Children's Learning Analysis

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C8- Analyse the importance of play in children’s learning, giving reasons why play should be included in planning. It is important to include play in a child’s learning and experience, this is because it enables them to explore and learn new things independently and through a way in which they understand. From play they are able to express their feelings and thoughts on the subject through interpreting the situation, events, or experience they’ve seen. It’s a good way of allowing children their own space to make choices of what, when, and who they play with, giving them many opportunities to build on relationships which is a good aspect in enhancing their communication skills and ability to work with others and co-operate efficiently. Play is a ‘’free flow’’ experience which enables a child to progress at their own pace. This links in with Tina Bruce’s free flow play theory as ‘’Bruce describes herself as a ‘’social learning theorist influenced…show more content…
It enables children to interact and participate in a variety of projects to encourage creativity and independence. This is a good strategy as it encourages children to construct their knowledge through the relationships they build with others and the surrounding environment. ‘’It is an approach where the expressive arts play a central role in learning and where a unique reciprocal learning relationship exists between practitioner and child’’. (21/11/13). It is an important aspect to carry out when allowing children to play, as it encourages children to be independent learners, and allows them to understand and learn about life and the world. This can be through carrying out role play through this they are able to act out situations of which encourages them to express their emotions developing and meeting their emotional
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