Unit 9 Final Report

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Unit 9- Final Project Over the pass nine weeks I learned so many interesting things. And researched a lot of detailed information required in this class. Back in Unit 1 I learned Role of psychology in our daily lives. In the learning activity I got to explain how understanding and predicting behaviors benefit us in our lives at home, at work and in school? Here is what I say: Understanding and predicting behaviors can benefit us in our lives at home, at work and in school because if you are asked how behavior at home can effect a student in there school work it because a lot of times there not thinking about what there doing and that could mess with there head cause they have other thing on there mind. But the ability to foresee a family member in the household with personal issues can be helpful to them and you because you can help them by reining the negative energy or stress brought upon the family member. An…show more content…
Must have the ability to communicate. A student needs to be too able to email, call, or go see an instructor if they have questions. They cannot act like a computer is teaching them, because there is a person who set up the class and is grading them and is there to help them when they need it. They need organization and time management skills. They need these because they have to have what their class requires available to them when they need it. They need to study for online classes just like any other class. They need drive. This, like self-discipline, is needed because no one is telling them face-to-face, you need to do this and this is when it is done. Traditional education and online education each have unique advantages. The emotively supportive face-to-face environment of the classroom allows immediate feedback, and an immediate social environment, which has been viewed as essential to a quality educational
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