In-Sync Environment Essay

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Being an advocate and creating In-Sync environments for children with sensory issues is very important to me because I have been through the difficulties of helping teachers understand, not judge and work with my daughter that has sensory processing disorder. My advocacy activity is creating in-sync environments in the home and in school for children with sensory issues. It is bringing awareness to teachers and parents that do not realize the effect that it can have on their child and learning or even just coping in the world. A child with sensory issues views the classroom in a very different way as other children. We process the sensory integration information in our world simultaneously. But when the sensory integration system is not quite intact the child has difficulty in the area, it interferes with learning. Lights glare overhead, bright colors are everywhere, noise is constant and space is confining. Their blood is rushing faster and their hearts are beating harder with the stimulation of the surroundings, it has put them into sensory overload. We as caregivers try to provide secure, calm and nurturing environments. We want to provide a place that is high in sensory engagement versus sensory overload. I am an advocate for children with sensory processing disorder. I talk to teachers and parents about engaging the students versus overloading them. I go into homes and schools and assess the lighting situation. I approach parents through learning centers and occupational therapy centers. Since I have been and still am a parent struggling with a child that has sensory issues I am more than happy to teach others ways that will help them and that child so that everyone can feel better. One major way is to rethink the lighting landscape in the classrooms. Light in the classroom is very important but too harsh a light can cause
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