Tda 2.2 Essay

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Lauren Fowler Pin: 30199220 OP2.17 1.1. Describe why creative development is important to children’s learning. Creative development is important to children’s development and learning because it helps your child to use their mind and imagination to express their own ideas. Even playing with their friends is also helping your child to understand that all family’s and cultures can be different. It also helps your child to make connections in their thinking and the way in which problem are solved. This is also going to help your child to develop their self- esteem and self-confidence and also their imagination. Creative development will also improve their learning as children will be able to work together in groups and as a team. Creativity is about taking risks and making connections. It is a way of transforming things using media and materials such as paint, scissors, words, sounds, movement and props. Your child may response to what they see, hear and experience through their senses and use their experience through role play and other creativity activities.Creative development covers all the areas of holistic development.Holistic development is all the areas of development like emotional,intellectual,social and physical.There are activities that are considered to be creative and you many not realise it like drawing, cooking,painting,play-dough, cutting and sticking,singing,dancing and makinh patterns in the sand. Children can choose to take part in a range of creative activities, but dont worrie if you child stand there are just watches some children like to observe what the activity is before they take part.In my setting your children has a free choose in what activity they would like to take part in and how they would like to you the resources
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