Child Development Philosophy Statement

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Philosophy Statement I love being a part of a child’s growth and development. I believe children learn best through spontaneous, meaningful, safe play. I believe it helps them to grow and develop in a positive way. I believe this type of play helps their social skills, their brain development and their self help, just to name a few. Play promotes curiosity, discovery, and problem solving, which helps develop a positive self image for the individual child. I think children should be able to be themselves, not a constructed version of themselves and not who adults think they should be. They should be able to find out who they are at a young age, play helps that. During play, children discover. They use their imagination and are able to see an object as something else; like using blocks for play food, or hands for telephones. It is in this discovery that children learn the world, they learn who they are; they learn who others are. I believe that every child and every person, for that matter, is unique. I encourage one on one individual time with each child. This helps us as care providers to learn about that particular child and their rate of development and their ability to do things. No one child is the same as another. Not every child develops at the same rate as others. Therefore, promoting one on one time with each child is important. Have fun with children. Let them play and be themselves, it’s OK! Many people think “what are children learning through play?” try it and you will see. You will see that children learn most of what they know through play. I’m not talking about planned out play. I am talking spontaneous, dirty, meaningful, safe play. Let children get dirty, sand in their eyes, paint on their face, and mud on their clothes. It is good for them. Clothes and skin are washable and so are children. Let them play, let them learn, let them grow. My

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