Describe the Importance of Adult Relationships as Role Models for Children and Young People

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Know how to interact with and respond to adults 2.2 Describe The Importance of Adult Relationships as Role Models for Children and Young people. The best way to establish a respectful and professional relationship with adults is by always making sure you dress appropriately adults when working with children and young people should dress appropriate to their role, their clothing should not offend anyone. Your clothing should not be distracting to others and should most definitely not be discriminating in any way. Take notes when speaking with the class teacher/head teacher so you can refer back to them if needed. Always clarify what has been asked of you to make sure you have got it correct. When meeting for the first time always shake the persons hand as this will give make you look professional and confident. One of the first things that people look at when meeting someone new is the clothes that they are wearing so dressing professional is a key factor in establishing a good professional relationship. Children look to adults as role models so the way in which you portray yourself in front of children is very important. You must be professional and approachable to children giving them lots of praise and eye contact. If you do this the child feels comfortable around you. If the child feels happy and comfortable and able to trust you then you are making the right impression on them. Allowing the child to come to you when they feel uncomfortable or they need assistance with something. Children tend to role play themselves through play playing schools and playing the role of teachers, playing mums and dads, etc so this proves that the way in which adults behave has a strong impact on how children look up to adults as role models. Having strong role models gives children security throughout their life. Teachers as role models help the child learn about rules,
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